Dr. David C. Muss

The Rewind Technique - Closure Without Disclosure

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Dr. David C. Muss

The Rewind Technique - Closure without disclosure!

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Doctor Dr. David Muss M.D. is the originator of the Rewind Technique for PTSD 1991, Developer of free self help app: PTSD STOPS HERE! and Founder of the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy

Dr. David Muss M.D. became interested in PTSD in 1988. In his own words, "I had not realized till then that following a brutal assault on my wife she had developed the condition. Having read about a quick treatment for phobias developed by Bandler, for some reason, I felt it should help for PTSD.

I managed to convince the West Midlands Police Force that I could treat them. After being amazed by the success, I followed the police for 2 years and found there were no relapses and all had returned to work(see BJCP article attached)*. From then on, after repeatedly failing to convince academics that PTSD can be treated very quickly and enduringly, I set about writing the first self help book for PTSD in the UK and started lecturing and training how to use the Rewind Technique via workshops to the UK, Australia, South Africa, Romania and Italy.

Currently, following Covid lockup, it is now possible to acquire(www.iartt.com) the full course in videos plus supportive material such as the manual etc. for just £50 in order to help practitioners use this life transforming treatment without costing the therapist a bank loan! I have by now, at a conservative estimate, trained well over 3000 practitioners.

Thank goodness, in 2021, the University of Cardiff decided to do a randomized control trial** that will be fully assessed by March.
Over the years, I have considerably paired down the treatment so that a lot of the original Bandler version has gone. Furthermore, I have developed the use of the Rewind for not only the victim but also for the innocent bystander/observer( the treatment differs) and successfully applied it for group therapy (23 patients treated in one session)***.
My ambition has been that all PTSD sufferers be offered the chance to be treated by the Rewind technique.

Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia, 1968, University of Rome, Italy.

L.M.S.S.A. Licentiate of the Medical and Surgical Society of Apothecaries – London, 1977.

         General Practitioner 1977 to 1996

Medico-legal practice since 1988-2016

Director of the Post traumatic Stress Disorder Unit, Birmingham Nuffield Hospital 1991-2016

*Originator of the Rewind Technique for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Author- British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1991, 30,91-92.  “A new technique (the Rewind) for treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”, 1991. (Article attached)

Founder of the  Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy

Author of self-help book for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – “The Trauma Trap” – published by Doubleday, 1991 .  Revised edition 2014 as an ebook available on Amazon (UK and USA)

Contributed chapter to the book: ""Brief Treatments for the Traumatized” a Project of the Green Cross Foundation

Member of ISTSS (International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies) since 1998

August 2008 : VSO envoy to Rwanda to train Ministry of Health and 15 NGO’s in the Rewind Technique for treating people affected by traumatic memories of the 1994 genocide. 

***2011: “Treating Traumatic Memories in Rwanda with the Rewind Technique: two week follow up after a single group session.“Traumatology”    http://tmt.sagepub.com/content/early/2011/03/10/1534765611412795

October 2018 Muss’ Article in Journal of Mental Health: Shona Adams & Steven Allan·Rewind treatment for trauma: description and multi-site pilot study;


The reconsolidation using rewind study (RETURN): trial protocol
European Journal of Psychotraumatology

Developer of free app PTSD STOPS HERE ! (IOS and Android)

Books by Dr. David Muss

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